We tell stories

Managing Director

It’s not enough any more to say “we sell thingamajigs.”  Our world changes every day and there are thousands of factors driving these changes  – competition, regulation, technology, talent, customer behaviour – so it’s easy for a story to become generic or dated.

We focus on telling a story that inspires employees, excites partners, attracts customers, creates fear and admiration in competitors and engages influencers. A story that is concise but comprehensive. Specific but with room to grow. A story that defines our client’s vision, communicates the strategy, and embodies the culture.

Most agencies will say they develop a narrative: Most branding firms will come back with a tagline and positioning statement. Most advertising agencies with creative treatments and marketing campaigns. Most PR firms with messaging and communication plans. These are useful tactics but they don’t deliver a full strategic narrative on their own.

A strategic narrative is a special kind of story. It says who you are as a company. Where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going…How you believe value is created and what you value in relationships. It explains why you exist and what makes you unique.

This doesn’t come out of the usual competitive landscape, customer interviews, and whiteboard sessions. It takes a different approach and a shift in thinking – and it takes courage.

We try to understand the context of the narrative. For us, human brains think of companies exactly like they think of people. Every time someone engages with a brand, they are really asking: “So tell me about your yourself.”

The context of the narrative must be a human, not an institutional, relationship. People want to get a sense for your company as if it were a person. Human relationships require reciprocity and authenticity. The narrative should say who you are, not just what you do.

People don’t fundamentally change, and neither do companies. When they are founded, a kind of DNA is created that persists for the life of the company. A strategic narrative must align with what we call brand DNA or it will be perceived as inauthentic.

Many companies don’t have a powerful narrative. They are missing the human connection, lack a shared purpose, or are out of alignment with their brand DNA.

By creating a context of human connection, collaborating around a shared purpose, and connecting everyone with the company’s DNA, we create a narrative that energises your team, inspires employees, and excites your partners and clients.