TVAA – It’s good for the Soul

It’s good for the soul, good for staff and good for the industry…

What is, you may ask?

Passion projects are important to us. Day to day, we work on high profile, corporate clients, using our creativity, skills and brand strategy expertise to help them accelerate their success. But sometimes, the clients, brands or projects we get most passionate about can’t access our world – perhaps they’re a start-up, a charity, or sometimes they’re just nice people we like working with and want to help.  Our passion projects keep us grounded, give us a chance to concentrate on things that interest us, let us experiment, and make sure we’re on top of our game.

When we’re approached to work on a project, we work to 4 P’s –  People, Profit, Profile, Passion.

Will the team enjoy the work, will they learn? Is it commercially viable? (As much as we ‘love what we do’ let’s not forget we are in a commercial world and we all have bills and salaries to pay); Will it help us (as a small agency making big moves) be heard and increase our profile in the industry and with other potential clients – it’s always great to her “Oh! Strength+Honour! I know those guys! They created xxx”; Or, is it something we feel passionate about?  Are we excited by a project, does it move us? It’s not about ego, it’s about soul and knowing you are achieving something good, not just for us, but for the people we’re working with – when it will really make a difference.

When Thames Valley Air Ambulance approached, us they needed to create a brand-new fundraising campaign, to increase awareness of what they do, and of course increase donations.   Our response was of course positive. Why? It’s local (we often see the helicopter while we are out and about), it’s a great cause which feels more real to us and somehow more tangible than most local charitable causes, and most importantly, we passionately felt we could make a difference – that we could help. Ultimately, this feeling is what inspired us to create a much more emotive fundraising strategy and campaign – telling the stories of the people who fundraise for and support TVAA, not simply the stories of those they’ve helped and saved.

After intense discussions and discovery, we distilled the challenges the fundraising campaign had to address into three key areas:

  • Raising the profile
  • Increasing donations
  • Connecting with local communities

Basically, we had to make the brand work for fundraising and create a fundraising campaign.

Jointly we achieved a new approach to fundraising, following a contemporary look and feel, and a much more emotive execution telling stories to enhance fundraising activity; of course, all of this was executed with beautiful imagery and a clear call to action.

Strength+Honour pride ourselves on 3 key brand skills.

  1. Brand transition
  2. Brand creation
  3. Brand evolution

This project allowed us to put these skills into action, creating a beautiful, persuasive and influential campaign which was far beyond previous TVAA activity. Ultimately, this has developed to alter and shape the direction and position of the entire charity brand as they move forward into the future.

Working with a local charity can mean so much more to an agency than we might realise. The truth is, we all get sucked into the day to day grind of our working week, over-reacting to first world problems like pantone colours and sassy staff members. Emotional engagement makes a real difference at work, which is why working so closely with a charity brand can be so beneficial –  whether you are a creative, account handler or in the finance team. Knowing your ‘team’ is doing “good” engages people and makes that difference.

TVVA have recently been featured on a TV programme on More4 ‘Emergency Helicopter Heroes’ and only whilst watching this, did I realise what an impact the charity have had on me.  As I excitedly shouted to my husband – “Oh! we’re on!” I felt a huge sense of pride and involvement, and I found I could articulate the key elements of TVAA’s core message and proposition without even thinking about it. My husband, Dave, was shocked at the realisiation that the team brings the hospital to the roadside, and sometimes even bypass A&E to save people lives!! My animated, expressive behaviour was a sure-fire tick to me – I felt proud, fulfilled and watched from my sofa, knowing that this project had been good for my soul!