Realising your potential

Realising your potential

Every day we hear empowering phrases that we either take in and live by, or we just ignore.

As an avid user of Instagram, wellbeing, positive affirmations and personal branding is at the forefront of almost every post that you see.

Whilst attending The Festival of Marketing last week and on ‘World Mental Health Day’ I attended a talk by Danny Bent, he is in the Telegraphs top 100 happy people and you can see why – he sees the positive in every situation. Whether that be on a delayed train that will inevitably make him late, he sees it as an opportunity to connect with people and have healthy conversations or more impactfully after a serious bike accident ‘seeing the light’ and realising exactly wants to do with his life (which wasn’t investment banking). His life is full of interesting stories that has led him to what he does today. ’Speaker, storyteller and happiness guru’. (

Danny’s words must ring true to most of us – we are all part of the daily grind, bouncing from one inspirational quote to another but are we actually living by it?

At Strength+Honour we create beautifully effective brands that connect with your customers and employees and deliver on your commercial objectives, but this made me think about ‘personal brand’ and how we all perhaps without knowing everyday create a brand for ourselves that either connects or fails too with individuals and communities.

We all belong to communities, in ‘real life’ and on social, this can range from the school mums or a complete pseudonym on social media for a secret passion that we are not quite brave enough to share with everyone.

Our personal brand makes us who we are in our personal and working life and from a commercial point of view, understanding who your employees really are, what they like what they dislike and truly what they are good at and have passion for can ignite a spark in your business that you have never seen before.

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so make sure you are doing what you love, and your personal brand is shining through!

After all, without community, you are just an idea and together we can be incredible!