Thomas International

Thomas International as a business has an altruistic compassion for helping individuals to reach their personal and professional potential.

Over time, brands change and develop and Thomas is no exception. They have developed into one of the world’s leading providers of psychometric assessments in an ever-growing market focused on talent. Having the right people in the right roles is imperative for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

The management team approached us to take the Thomas story and drive it forwards to provide both an internal and external comms programme which would deliver increased emotional engagement and would position the Thomas brand for growth.

This aspiration needed to be underpinned with a behavioural platform. This was developed as “Listen, Empower, Nurture” as both an internal ethos and an external behaviour.

We listen to our clients, to understand their challenges, we empower our customers with the appropriate tools and nurture to deliver optimum people results.

The roll out of a complex communications programme for Thomas is ongoing, but the initial platform was developed from deep insight. This is why we can authentically drive a cultural change programme internally, which can then activate itself as an external proposition to clients.

We are proud to have developed such an inspiring brand.

“In essence, we provide tools to help companies develop People, Teams and Cultures. In a very different way, Strength+Honour do a similar thing. They have delved deep into our business to help us build and communicate a clear proposition both internally and externally. They have instigated and inspired some challenging conversations, which have gone far beyond branding into huge topics for a business with ambitious growth plans like us – how do we operate, where do we want to be in the future and how are we going to get there. They’ve also helped us map the answers to these questions through innovative and creative methods.

But fundamentally, they’re great people, and I wish them every continued success – they deserve it.”

Amir Qureshi – CEO Thomas International