S+H worked with the Compliance team and Internal Communications team at O2 on a 9-12 month campaign to raise awareness of why compliance is important to O2 and to let employees know what they need to do.

Compliance is quite a dry subject, so we needed to develop an eye catching and engaging approach, incorporating a campaign look and feel, engaging content and a desire from O2 for something “quirky”. The goal was to have a compliance culture worthy of a top quartile FTSE 100 company, with 100% completion of the compliance CBT modules.

The objectives of the campaign were:

Raise awareness of Compliance through an engaging, high impact campaign which inspires employees to be curious about compliance and want to know more about the impact it has on them, their team, our customers and the company as a whole.

  • Encourage employees to take responsibility for their own compliance: clear, concise explanations of what’s needed and why using a positive, carrot rather than stick, approach
  • Create behavioural change within the organisation: win hearts and minds to create real and lasting change.
  • Key milestones includes introducing new anti-bribery and corruption policies, introducing a new vision for compliance across the business, and introducing a new whistleblowing policy.

S+H developed and defined a look and feel for campaign, developed tone of voice and key messages, and created a plan of activity for 9-12 months. Highly visual content (video and images) were shared primarily through Workplace, and through other internal comms channels.

S+H developed a core proposition based on our understanding that the word “compliance” is a very formal word.  We set out to deliver the key messages in a more emotional context, and so we built the campaign proposition around “Integrity.”

“ Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”

CS Lewis

We developed a simple messaging platform that formed the backbone of the campaign based on the concept of integrity, which encouraged ownership and personal responsibility.

Think first

Read up


Speak up

Take action

In order to bring this to life, we developed quirky “compliance monsters” that highlighted these five key areas of compliance.  The aim was not to make light of an important subject, but to make a difficult subject more accessible and engaging. Each of the monsters focused on a key action, and featured in animations, posters, lanyards, desk keepsake, email and digital communications.  We also produced a series of information films, featuring key members of the compliance team or highlighting new processes or policies.

We have a bold ambition for O2 to be the clear market leader.

‘Underpinning this, we need a culture where we do the right thing, where we act with integrity, speak out when something feels wrong, and behave as an organisation we can be proud of.’

Paul Asare-Archer, Director of Compliance, O2