A new product, a new brand, a new idea – there’s always a thrill when we start a fresh project. It’s pretty rare that a creative team get a chance to work on a true brand creation, working from scratch to define and design a brand.

However, brand creation comes with it’s own challenges.  There’s no framework to work within, although we always have industry and market insights to learn from.  A blank piece of paper can be a scary thing, the endless possibilities too broad to allow critical thinking and pinpoint creativity.

That’s where we need a spark – a nugget of insight, an idea or an image that gives us a springboard.  This starting point gives us the very first bones of a framework to accelerate from, in order to create a new entity that is beautful and effective.

The first words uttered following our initial meeting with Suzy and Jonny Hobbs was “I want to work on this project!” and this sentiment was echoed across the whole team. We love their ambition, they have a great story, they demonstrate passion, they love and understand what we can offer, and there was immediate trust… so began a wonderful relationship that has grown and has continued to go from strength to strength as the project developed from conception to launch and now to growth.

Suzy and Jonnie Hobbs were determined to launch a new local Gin that would build on the heritage of the Hobbs family as one of the largest and most prolific leisure boat companies on the Thames. Jonnie, a fifth generation Hobbs, proudly showed us around their boatyard. As we researched, digging and flicking through historic memorabilia, we determinedly hunted for a true and authentic story that could give relevance and background to their ambition.  And we found it.

A dusty picture of old Mr. Hobbs was the ultimate treasure hidden in the old workshop on the bank of the Thames.

He has the most, cheeky and engaging look which left us feeling that we’d found that spark – the nugget that would develop into a full brand creation.  Mr Hobbs took shape in our imaginations as a man of heritage, purpose who had a true love of Gin, and provided us with a the start of an engaging story and a foundation to build the Mr. Hobbs gin brand.

The creative started to fall into place and  Mr. Hobbs, Henley Gin was born, with it’s roots deeply embedded in the authenticity of the family’s rich Henley heritage.

S+H worked through a brand creation process, from initial concept, naming, and  creative development, through to narrative and brand creation and an exclusive VIP launch.

Mr Hobbs Gin has gone from strength to strength, featuring at numerous local and national events, Henley Regatta, Henley Festival, Garsington, and even in Monaco.  It is available in Waitrose in the Thames Valley area, and is the House Serve at various premium establishments.

We’ve since extended the brand to include gin liqueurs, and the local and national support remains very strong.