EKO Home – showcasing innovation and quality on social media

EKO’s vision is to continuously innovate and redefine homeware, for home makers seeking to transform their home into a stylish and eco-efficient world. EKO prides itself on consistently bringing high quality, solution driven, intelligent and eco-friendly products to their customers.

EKO are recent entrants into the UK market, targeting a eco-conscious, stylish and discerning customer, and have worked hard to secure prestigious listings in John Lewis and Lakeland.

As new entrants into a highly competitive market, EKO needed to create a presence on social media that would complement their listings and drive people to find out more, and in to store. However, budgets were tight, so we needed to develop a cost-effective and attention grabbing solution.

Using creative assets EKO had in place, combined with a bit of creative flair and catchy music, S+H  developed 3 x 10 second videos, showcasing 3 hero products.

  1. Galleria
  2. Phantom
  3. Morandi

We wanted to convey how each bin fits into everyday life in a normal home, and tap into a subconscious recognition of an individual viewers own home, lifestyle and ethos.  After all a bin is a highly necessary product in a home, but not the sexiest thing to talk about, and it’s not particularly easy to create an emotional connection with a potential customer.

S+H moved EKO from talking about the features and benefits of the product, to focusing on an aspirational lifestyle and sense of  “home.”

We worked with the team at EKO to create 3 scenarios that would be instantly recognisable to potential customers, pulling out key words to highlight the desired message through thoughtful and targeted edits.

In the first 25 days of the campaign, with two of the videos live, we had over 150,000 views and reached just under one million with the accompanying image-based social posts. The team are hugely pleased with the results so far as the third campaign goes live, and a comprehensive re-targeting programme is instigated.  Both EKO Home and Strength+Honour are looking forward to our next project.

“The team at Strength+Honour have that rare and precious gift: the ability to combine strong creativity with commercial effectiveness. This means they can inspire & engage consumers with assets that deliver strong results for the business.  They are one of only a handful of agencies that I’ve worked with over the last 20 years that I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Brian Walmsley
UK & Ireland Commercial Lead
EKO Home