Henley Regatta

5 days, 300,000 spectators, 24 Olympic Medallists and 12 members of the S+H team.

What a wonderful excuse to get dolled up and embrace the not entirely perfect weather as a team: Henley Regatta 2017 did not disappoint. The sun barely came out but we grabbed our umbrellas, threw our pashminas over our shoulders and stepped out to the prestigious event with our significant others in tow.

We all made our way to the beautiful setting of Leander Club where we were lucky enough to be guests for the day, the girls had to ensure their skirts were below the knee and the guys donned ties and jackets – Regatta rules and regulations. Everyone looked absolutely fabulous and we started off the day with some Fizz and Pimms on the lawn under their very elegant and picturesque marquee.

The rowing looked exhausting and was a little lost on some of the Strength+Honour team if we are completely honest but we all soaked up the atmosphere of one of Henley’s oldest traditions and the worlds most famous event of its kind which dates back to 1839.

Lunch was an unexpected jaunt down to a neighbouring field where the BBQ fairies (Rich, Vic & Nat) had been at work earlier in the morning, loading up the Landrover and setting up the mother of all al fresco feasts. There was plenty to choose from, it was like a live cooking show taking place with our very own CEO centre stage. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar were flowing and carbohydrate consumption was at an all time high. The change of scenery and the refuelling did us a world of good and off we trotted back to continue the hobnobbing and hospitality.

We were able to see the Regatta from a more exclusive vantage point when our Chairman, Clive Hemsley, took us out on his boat and we travelled down to the end of the tents able to see everything that was going on across Stewards, and the less traditional Mahiki and China White enclosures. We took in the sights of the athletes whizzing up and down the river, waved at the other boats and generally got accustomed to our new found sea legs whilst (narrowly) escaping any sort of man over board situation.

Highlights (I mean lowlights!) include our Client Service Director, Jo, falling over quite spectacularly next to the stationery traffic just after The Angel on the Bridge pub. Prosecco flew through the air as Jo landed on the pavement, there were tears… of laughter from some of the less sympathetic of our colleagues. Jo brushed herself off and we continued our tour along the banks of the Thames. Please note that Jo has since confirmed that it was the shoes, and most certainly not the fizz that caused the mishap!

After our exciting and action-packed day, rumour has it that 100% of the team acquired a takeaway on their way home- cheesy chips & chinese were go! Thankfully you can count on us to report on all the glitz and glamour of the day.

Some of us continued the week with a corporate client day on the Thursday but MVP goes to Rich for attending all five days of the festivities. A big Thank You to Rich and the team at S+H HQ for organising such a successful and fun day out- already looking forward to the 2018 Regatta antics!