Two Weeks at S+H

My experience of the Creative Industry

Coming to the end of my work experience at Strength + Honour, I’ve been lucky enough to experience first hand what it’s like to work in the creative industry. I was instantly drawn to the variety it has to offer, looking at different things every day and at different stages has been exciting as things are constantly developing and moving forward. For example, looking at company compliance to brainstorming the initial stages of a clothing brand in one morning means that there is never a dull moment as so many different skills are being required at any one time.

I have really enjoyed working in a small, friendly environment which has been welcoming and encouraging, allowing me to feel instantly settled. Day to day life is productive, dynamic and fun which I feel is a big part of the creative industry, allowing individuals to express themselves in a comfortable and social setting.

Social media plays a much larger role than I imagined, and it has been interesting to see how Strength + Honour use it to their advantage through making connections via LinkedIn to brainstorming initial ideas on Pinterest. I’ve really surprised myself with an interest in companies whose subject fields I’d usually steer clear of, like Semta- the Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance. I’ve found research to be really thought provoking since their main concern is to close the skills gap facing engineering sectors today, particularly with the lack of young women choosing to continue with engineering in school, college and university. Hence why the variety offered is so important as it has allowed me to branch out and learn new things.

-Amelia Oldershawniznik